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Welkom op de officiële website van pianist, componist en dirigent Henry Kelder

Welkom op de officiële website van pianist, componist en dirigent Henry Kelder


My new double album Clarity in Depth 1&2 is released. The album ZBOP! with saxophonist Johan van der Linden (released earlier this year) can be ordered here.

In my Corona Lockdown Series I posted almost daily from my Home Studio piano works on Facebook and YouTube.

In June 2020 I conducted Dutch Radio Philharmonic (Radio Filharmonisch Orkest) and Dutch Radio Choir (Groot Omroepkoor) with Maar of het mag? from Georgi Sztojanov. YouTube.

Watch my piano song Isle of Arran on Dutch Television, Ondernemerslounge at RTL7.
Watch Paradiso Orchestra in Paradiso, Amsterdam on Dutch Television at NPO2 Extra.
Watch Cinema Paradiso with Si dolce on Dutch Television at Podium Witteman

Live Radio interview at Vrije Geluiden, Dutch Radio 4. Talking about composing and publishing with Edition MatchingArts Listen back the Podcast.

My latest compositions (2019-now): Waldorf (Symphonic Cantata No.2 for soprano, tenor, mixed choir and philharmonic orchestra),  Scenes from Alba (for piano with 3rd movement Isle of Arran), Suite Havana (for wind trio), Zhujiang (for ensemble), Four Improvisations (for piano), Song for the end of the year (for piano), Three Etudes (for piano)

Composition assignments for next season: Clarinet Quintet (for Rietveld Ensemble), Violin Sonata (for Lis Perry), Trio (for soprano saxophone, euphonium and piano), Clarinet Trio (for IllusTrio), Duo (for viola and cello). 

New releases with Edition MatchingArts: Song for You (2016) for solo instrument and piano / ZBOP! (2007) for soprano saxophone and piano / Batam (2017) for violin, saxophone and piano / Fundament (2016) for female choir and piano / Double Concerto (2016) for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and string orchestra / Gebed om Ontferming (2000) for alto, mixed choir, parish and piano.

In 2020 new piano solo compositions are written for me by James Wilding (Staying at Home), Anne-Maartje Lemereis (Three Indoor Dances), Joost Kleppe (Amadeus in Distress), Lionel Ziblat (Bore me a Sheep), Francisco Garcia (Three Mexican Pieces), Huub de Vriend (Nachtegaaltje from 10 Bird Pieces) and Hans Bakker (Toccatina).

First performances I played: Johan de Meij (Gandalf from Lord of the Rings), Jan-Bas Bollen (Collector), Manuel Mattarrita (Courantillo), Philippe Bodin (Le Dugong), Rieteke Hölscher (Online Socializing?) and Noëmi Schermann (Bells of Hoogland).

January 2020 I'm appointed as WPTA (World Piano Teacher's Association) President of The Netherlands and Vice-President of IMEA (International Music Educators Association). In April 2020 also as board member of Dutch Composers Now and Nieuw Geneco.

In February 2021 I celebrated my 25th Anniversary as a conservatory teacher: Groningen 1996-2008, The Hague 2000-2012, Utrecht 2010-now.

Our partner company SkyCulture and MatchingArts had more then 10 million (!) viewers with our joined project 24 Concerts: Music Without Borders with 24 acts from 24 countries in July 2020. More info.